The Department of Sugar LLC

About Us


In my previous life, at a sales meeting many years ago, the CEO got up in front of a screen that just had “MGS” in giant letters.  His explanation was   “……These letters sum up what we do.  We Make Good Sh**.”


That is exactly what we strive to do here at The Department of Sugar – Make Good Sweets!   Our goal is to create things that make you smile and bring you joy while trying to maintain a sustainable supply chain. We source locally for dairy, sugar, and some fruits.  Our chocolates are sourced from Felchlin, Luker, and Orchid.  All three have long time commitments to fair trade, supporting Cacao farmers, and no child labor; and the chocolates we choose from them come from Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Thailand.  Good ingredients make for good product. We are working on reducing waste from packaging and production, and down the road hope to become as close to carbon neutral as we can.  


Bring joy, Leave no trace,  Make Good Sweets!

Meet Kathy

In 2017, Kathy allowed her love of baking and all things chocolate to cause her to quit her job in the Outdoors industry and enroll in the Patisserie program at The French Pastry School in Chicago.  Her experience there helped to bring the “I just want to bake for people” idea into focus and from there she has continued her studies with Chef Louis Amado and  with classes at the Chocolate Academy in Chicago.  


The outdoors and the kitchen are two places she is most at home.  Rivers, Woods, and all things green and growing give her joy and inspiration for design and flavor combinations.  (And yes, green is her favorite color, if you haven’t already guessed it.).  She hopes to bring some of all of that joy to you with using the freshest products, locally sourced when possible, to make her creations. MGS…..That is all.

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