The Department of Sugar LLC


We offer custom sweets for your event or business. From customizing flavors to compliment your product or colors to match your event, to putting your logo on a chocolates or cookies, we are happy to create a special experience for you. Please give us a call at (773) 340-2127 to discuss options, minimums, and timing.


Virtual Private Events

Your major life events don’t need to be indefinitely postponed because of the state of the world.  If you have had to move your ceremony to a virtual stage you can still include loved ones who cannot fly in to be there.  How?

  • Send them the party favors that would have been given at the event
  • Send them  a box of desserts, customized with your colors or theme.
  • Send them a box of goodies to be opened at a specific time as a gender reveal or  group celebration

It’s your day, so be creative.  We are here to support your event and make it special at a distance.




In Person Events

Give your guests a unique and distinctive dessert experience. We provide

  • Sweets tables with your selection of chocolates, confections, and pastries.
  • Party favors
  • Mother-in-law, maid of honor, best man, and bridal party gifts

Whether you are saying thank you, happy birthday, or happy anniversary, or if you just want to brighten someones day, we can put together a collection of decadent confections that are sure to be a hit.  Choose from our currated selections or create your own. Don’t forget to personalize it with your company logo or event colors!

Custom Designs

Create  custom colors and designs to match your event them or company logo.

Branded Confections

Create custom confections flavored with your product or to complement your flavors.

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