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Shipping and Care

Shipping chocolates to arrive in perfect condition can be challenging, but we take every precaution so that your order arrives fresh and in perfect condition.  Please familiarize yourself with our shipping rates and policies before you order.

Shipping rates and fees

We use UPS and FedEx mainly for our shipping and their rates are based on distance. Typical delivery times for ground are 2-7 days within the continental US, although there are no guarantees. Both companies have warnings on their websites that pertain to weather events and natural disasters happening throughout the country. We try to take these in consideration when shipping and will delay or expedite a shipment if needed to avoid delivery delays, however we cannot be held responsible for shipments delayed due to weather or other events.
**Using the US Postal Service is in the works and we will be adding this option when we are able. Please note that due to the current environment delivery by Postal Service will be limited to a very short range and will not be available throughout the country.

Delivery and Local Pick up

We are working on making local delivery and pick up available in Chicago. A flat fee of $5 will be charged for delivery and the area will be limited to a 5 mile radius of our office. Pick up will be able to be scheduled.
In the future we hope to expand both options to make your lives easier.

shipping over the weekend

Most of our shipments occur early in the week so that packages are not sitting on a truck or in unconditioned warehouses over the weekend. If you are shipping to a warm climate especially, your package may be held until Monday to ensure minimal time in transit.

When will my order arrive

Order tracking is available with your order and will be provided by our carriers.

order processing

We try hard to get orders placed before 12:00pm CST out the same day but occasionally during peak holiday seasons, it might take 24 hours to get your order shipped. If you place your order by overnight or 2nd day air, those take priority over ground shipments, and we will process those first. If you need your order by a certain date, then please call (773) 563-0052, and we will help you with your order.


We go to great measures to ensure that our chocolate is delivered fresh and in perfect condition. To reduce the risk of melted chocolate in transit to warmer climates (65 degrees and higher), we use insulated packaging and gel packs to protect the chocolates. Please note that there are times in the year where we cannot deliver to extremely warm places because there is not enough packaging to protect our product.


All sales are final. We are not able to accept any product for a refund unless it has been damaged in transit and we have been notified within 3 days of receipt of the damaged product. Once notified, The Department of Sugar will, at its sole discretion, replace the damaged product, offer a store credit towards a future purchase, or refund the amount of the purchase. Should The Department of Sugar decide to offer a refund, such refund will be provided as a credit to the credit card used at the time of purchase within 5 business days upon receipt of the returned product.

international orders

At the current time we are unable to ship to international destinations.

Caring for your treats


If you don't eat them all at once, chocolates should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat sources. If you live in a warm, humid environment you can keep them in the refrigerator. It is best to let them come to room temperature before eating so that you get the flavor is not disguised by the cold. No one in their right mind would wait that long, so we perfectly understand if you simply take one out and pop it in your mouth. If you leave them in a sunny window, a warm car, your carry-on luggage, or other potentially warm places they will probably melt, or at least coat your fingers when you try to pick them up. This is because they are made with real, Belgian chocolate and do not have additives that keep them from melting. Don't be upset, just lick your fingers and the packaging...we're not judging. When chocolate experiences extreme temperature fluctuations a white haze called "bloom" can develop. This is a natural occurance and even though the chocolate may not look as nice, bloom is not harmful to eat.


Confections are mostly sugar and should be stored in a cool, dry place. If you live in a warm, humid environment you can keep them in the refrigerator. Keep them in a sealed container so that moisture does not get to them. If you have the will power to not eat them quickly, most of our confections can be stored for one month.


Pastries should be consumed within a week of receipt. Most should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container to keep out moisture and other food smells. For best results, let them come to room temperature before eating (if you have the will power and forethought). Cookies left in open packaging will go stale within a couple days if Cookie Monster doesn't get them first.

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